Paradise on the River Kwai 3700 baht
floating market. Tiger Cave Temple. Dinner. 3 hours at Erawan waterfall. Saiok waterfall. Death railroad. Hotel "Paradise on the River Kwai" with accommodation on the river or on the shore to choose from (pool, air conditioning, hot shower). Dinner. Breakfast. Rafting on the river 6 km. The hot springs. Elephant Village - show and elephant rides. Thai style lunch. Feeding monkeys in the temple, a visit to the monk.

Ramayana Water Park 1450 baht
New huge water park in Pattaya. Over 50 water attractions. The price includes a transfer from any hotel and back, a ticket to the water park. Lunch and locker not included.

Columbia Pictures Aquaverse 1900 baht
A family water park with water slides and pools, as well as numerous cafes and restaurants, a cinema with a wave pool where you can watch movies while swimming in the pool. Built on the site of an Amazon Cartoon Network park.

Siam Park 1250 baht
A complex of water attractions and rides like in Disneyland! Jurassic park, fear/laughter room. The program includes a round-trip transfer, visits to all attractions, and a buffet lunch included.

Disneyland - Dream World 1450 baht
Dream World! A complex of dizzying rides - entertainment for the whole family. The program includes a transfer, and visits to all attractions except the snow town and karting, lunch is not included.

Safari World in Bangkok 2300 baht
Safari Park: a nursery with lions and tigers, driving through an area similar to Africa with animals walking in the wild. Marine World: Seven different shows such as dolphin and seal show, James Bond, and cowboy show. Lunch included.

Stalker 4700 baht
We will visit the caves, go through the mountains, take a boat trip through the mangroves, and walk on the deck of a warship. We will see how precious stones are mined in quarries and sold on the market, we will swim in waterfalls, penetrate the secrets of Buddhism, and spend the night on the banks of a mountain river in a beautiful hotel.

Relax Tour - Kingdom of Sukhothai 6200 baht
We visit two historical parks in Thailand - Sukhothai and the Diamond Wall, we will see the fantastically beautiful Mirror Temple, we will visit the city of Pitsanulok, and see the ancient statue of Buddha made of gold. Also on the way, we will relax in a Thai wellness center with mineral hot pools.

Above the Clouds - Khao Kho 4900 baht
Temple of a monk-hermit. Waterfall in Khao Kho Nature Reserve. Mystical cave with the treasure of the Thai nobility. The ancient Khmer city of the Four Angels. Mountain residence of the King. Alpine Flowers Park. Temple on Glass Mountain. Hotel "Sea of ​​Clouds". Buddha park, a cave with the temple. Meals 4 times.

Treasures of Isan 4700 baht
Temple of gems Wat Luang Pee Sam, Tham Khao Chakan cave, Lalu fault with Martian landscapes. Check-in at a 4* boutique hotel. Prasat Phnom Rung ancient city, Wat Mahawihan temple. Park “Heritage of Ancient Civilization” with 4000-year-old petroglyphs, forest temple, Buddha stupa. Meals 4 times.

Hua Hin, Cha-Am, Sam Roi Yot 5500 baht
A unique two-day tour of the five provinces of Thailand - Samut Songkhram, Amphawa, Petchaburi, Cha Am and Hua Hin. Many interesting sights of nature, architecture and culture of the Kingdom of Thailand. Meals and hotel accommodation are included in the price.

Way to Avatar 6000 baht
The tour will give a lot of unforgettable impressions - visit the ancient temples of Ayutthaya and Lopburi, visit the unique Mirror Temple, see a fabulous wooden temple on a rock, relax in a creative spa hotel.

Land of Kings and Alpaca Park 3000 baht
Fairy cave, orchid farm, 9-cascade waterfall, thermal baths, lunch at a restaurant in alpine meadows. A huge statue of Ganesha, a coffee house from Easter Island, a shocking Cave of Fear, a hundred-kilometer swarm of bats and, most importantly, Alpaca Park high in the mountains, a corner of South America in Thailand.

Thai Express 3000 baht
Tham Khao Luang cave with temple. Palace of Rama IV. Pop-up umbrella market and train. Amphawa city, lunch. Wat Khung Monastery, 400-year-old ficus, balm of strength, zoo. Residence of the Bishop of Ratchaburi. Cathedral of the Virgin Mary. Traveling through the canals, meeting the sunset, watching fireflies on the trees along the banks - a miracle of nature!

Lost World 2400 baht
Two national parks: Khao Wong and Khao Chi Mao. An amazingly beautiful place. The real "Lost World": primeval jungle, rivers flowing from caves, lianas hanging from rocks, bizarre mountains, many caves and waterfalls.

Secrets of Siam 2400 baht
Wat Sophon, one of the most impressive temples in Thailand. You can make a wish. Temple of monks' mummies, which are 400 years old. Parrot park. Dinner. Giant figure of Ganesha. Golden Temple. Temple of the Flying Foxes. Boating on the river.

Land of Waterfalls 2800 baht
An excursion for those who want to see the untouched tropical jungle and its inhabitants, take a lot of photos, visit three waterfalls at once - Sarika, Khaeu Narok and Khaeu Suwat from the movie "The Beach", bright Buddhist temples.

Life Force 3000 baht
Cave of King Narai. Temple Wat Phra Phutthabat. Monkey City Lopburi. Wat Phrabat Namphu - temple of AIDS. You can visit the temple of AIDS or the valley with two caves. Dinner. Unique Mirror Temple and giant Buddha statue.

Amazing Thailand 2700/3200 baht
Ritual of the Funeral of Failures. Khao Yai National Park: 100m dam, 7km white water rafting. Quad biking plus 400 baht). Dinner. Parking at the Sarika waterfall with swimming in it. Statue of Ganesha. Temple of a Thousand Buddhas. Temple of the Flying Foxes.

In Search of Sapphires 3000 baht
Ritual for wealth at Khao Sukim temple. You can take one gem for yourself by manually mining sapphires at the mine. Lunch with seafood in a restaurant by the sea. Chanthaburi Gem Market. Catholic church, Sapphire temple, meeting the sunset on the lookout on the rock with a panorama of the Gulf of Thailand.

Ayutthaya 2400 baht
Inspection of the ruins of the ancient capital of Siam, without modern buildings. A detailed acquaintance with the temples of Wat Yai Chaimogkon, Wat Maha That, Wat Pha Si Sanphet, Wat Chai Vattanaram (where the blockbuster Mortal Combat was filmed), Wat Na Phra Men. Dinner.

To the Dragon's Lair 2400 baht
Farm with alpacas, capybaras, and vicunas. Ritual from the evil eye and divination in an unusual temple. Dinner. Creepy jungle monastery with waterfall, and jungle trekking. Dragon's Lair Cave. Flight of bats from the cave.

Koh Si Chang - Lucky Island 1500 baht
The tour will help you understand why Ko Si Chang is called the island of China in Thailand and has been a holiday destination for members of the Royal Family for several centuries.

Expedition - Pathfinder 2400 baht
Sheep farm in a mountain valley near the lake. Forest temple. Dinner. Rafting on boats on the underground river. Monkey feeding. A shimmering cave with a golden Buddha, a ritual for good luck. Swimming with carps in a multi-cascade waterfall. Rest on a mountain lake.

Evening in Old Siam 2500 baht
Sights of Samut Prakan province. Erawan Temple-Museum in the form of a three-headed mythical elephant. Muang Boran Park, or Ancient Siam. Dinner. Meeting the sunset at Wat Khong built on a pier in the sea, with excellent evening views of the Gulf of Thailand and the surrounding area.

Evening Bangkok and Mahanakhon 3300 baht
We visit the Temple of the Turtles, the largest statue of the Sitting Buddha in Bangkok, the light and music show of fountains, the roof of the Mahanakhon skyscraper and the skywalk observation deck, and at the end - an evening cruise along the Chao Phraya River with dinner.

Evening Bangkok 2500 baht
SEC Icon Siam, a walk along the observation deck on the roof, the embankment. Free time in the shopping center River City. Cruise on the Chao Phraya River, dinner, variety program. Sightseeing tour of Bangkok in the evening, stops at the Iron Palace, on Klong Ong Ang Street, and in several more iconic places in the capital.

Bangkok sightseeing tour 2700 baht
Temple of the Golden Mount (Wat Saket) and Iron Temple (Loha Prasat). Ride on the waterbus along the old San Sep canal. Lunch at the Baiyoke Sky skyscraper, observation deck. Walk through Chinatown. Evening Khao San Road.

Over Bangkok 3000 baht
Stunning views of the city from various observation platforms, from where you can take panoramic photos of the capital, lunch in the Bayok Sky skyscraper, and we will meet the sunset on the top of the Mahanakhon skyscraper 314 meters.

Dangerous Bangkok 3000 baht
The world of crime, mysticism, and urban legends. You don't get here on standard tours - we will see the life of the slums, visit the weapons district, the former prison, Khaosan Road, ride along the canals and even meet ghosts!

Mystical Bangkok 3000 baht
Dragon Temple Wat Samphran. Lunch at a restaurant on the river bank. Mysterious island - Koh Kret. Buddha park. Travel along the Chao Phraya River through the whole of Bangkok. Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market.

Amphawa city on the water 3000 baht
Thai Venice - a city on the water Amphawa! Dragon Temple - Wat Sam Phran, Asia's largest floating market, Samut Sonkhram Pop-Up Umbrella Market, Amphawa Historical Site Tour.

Classic Bangkok 3200 baht
Royal Palace. Temples of the Reclining (Wat Po) and Emerald (Wat Phra Kaew) Buddha. A trip along the Chao Phraya River on a tourist boat. Lunch at the panoramic restaurant Bayok Sky, observation deck.

Classic Bangkok & Evening Cruise 3900 baht
Royal Palace. Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Turtle Hill. Portuguese Quarter, Santa Cruz Cathedral. The largest seated Buddha in the capital. Iconsiam mall, fountain show. Evening cruise with dinner and disco.

Bangkok Express 2800 baht
Temples of the Reclining Buddha and Dawn. Boat trip on the Chao Phraya River. Air metro ride. Dinner at Bayok Sky skyscraper, sunset at the observation deck.

Bangkok Instagram Tour 3000 baht
The most photogenic places in the capital. Easy, great tour to take hundreds of photos, see modern and old Bangkok.

Trophy sea fishing 2500 baht
What could be more exciting than fishing? Only fishing for big fish. On distant islands 15-30 km from Pattaya. It is carried out from a fishing schooner. Trolling fishing along the vessel, spinning fishing. We are preparing the catch.

Fishing for garfish 3600 baht
Sports fishing for catfish and other fish in the lake - a fishing park near Pattaya. Caught fish can be cooked for an additional fee.

Spearfishing 3500 baht
Transfer, trip to Koh Pai, ticket for landing on island, individual Russian-speaking instructor, equipment, 2-3 hours of hunting on the island of Koh Pai or other islands: Koh Klungbadan, Koh Luam, Koh Manvichai, Koh Rin. The instructor chooses the hunting place depending on the season and weather conditions.

Picnic on the lake 1900 baht
Not far from Pattaya there is a lake in which there is an abundance of various edible fish. Clev is excellent. Caught fish is cooked on charcoal, the price also includes a liter of beer per guest and shrimp barbecue. You can even swim in this lake. Sauna, fruits, massage, tea and drinks are additionally paid.

Military Beach - Sai Keo 600 baht
Protected beach in Sattahip. Clear sea, a great alternative to the island of Koh Lan (do not swim anywhere, 30 minutes to go). Included: round trip transfer, beach ticket. There are bars and cafes on the beach.

Dancing Girl Beach 600 baht
Very cozy and clean beach of Hat Nang Ram (Hat Nang Rong) in Sattahip. Transparent sea, nowhere to swim, moving 50 minutes. Included: round trip transfer, beach ticket. There are bars and cafes on the beach.

Bamboo 2000 baht
Trip to Koh Phai by speedboat. Light breakfast. Snorkeling. Fishing, cooking fish. Dinner. Plush riding. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. On the beach there are umbrellas and mats, SUP board. Additionally, a photo shoot on the beach.

3 Miracle Pattaya Island 1800 baht
Boat trip with water slide, foam disco, alcohol. Fishing, parasailing, banana and jet skiing, and relaxing on the beach of the island.

Catamaran Serenity-71 2950 baht
Cruise around the islands of the Gulf of Thailand on a catamaran worth a million dollars! Koh Pai Bamboo Island and Koh Manwichai Monkey Island. Snorkeling, fishing, lunch, and umbrella on the island.

Aquamarine 2800 baht
Snorkeling tour on a speedboat. Snorkeling at Koh Khram Noi. Fishing. Lunch, non-alcoholic. Monkey Island. Exit from 2 people - no need to wait for the group.

Koh Samet island for 1 day 1300/1400 baht
Paradise island near Pattaya. Transfer from the hotel to the pier and back, national park fee, speedboat crossing, lunch (or without), sun lounger, umbrella.

Emerald Isle 2100 baht
Kham Island, part of the Samaesarn National Park, an underwater plantation of sea anemones, among which the Nemo fish lives. The island is famous for its wooden bridges and trees near the shore, which makes the rest exotic in the natural shade. The island was named Emerald because of the color of the water.

Princess Island 2100 baht
Princess Island is famous for its snow-white and well-groomed beach, rich underwater world (you are guaranteed to see Nemo fish in the living environment) and the possibility of a quiet, not crowded holiday.

Koh Samet for 2 days 2000/2800 baht
Transfer to the pier, boat crossing. The national park fee is included. Hotel on Ao Pai beach. Free time. Departure at 16:30 on the day of return. Hotels: Tok’s Little Hut 2 line, no breakfast, Sea Breeze 2 line, no breakfast, Silver Sand 1 line, breakfast and sun lounger. Maybe 3 days or more.

Koh Chang for 2 days 4500 baht
The trip includes 4 meals a day, accommodation in a hotel with a swimming pool, on the first line of Lonely Beach. Fire show, on the second day - a visit to the fishing village, a trip to the uninhabited island of Phi Phi Noi, snorkeling, beach holidays.

Koh Kood for 2 days From 5500 baht
The most remote, wild and picturesque island in the southeast of Thailand. In the program: transfers, crossing by speedboat or catamaran, overnight in a hotel with a private beach, breakfast or board. It is possible for 4-5-7 days.

Thai Maldives 13000 baht for two
Rest on a private island-hotel, where from a bungalow two steps from the sea. Transfer to the pier, ferry. Accommodation and free time. Breakfast. There is a restaurant with a choice of dishes and alcohol. Mask, snorkel for free. There is a swimming pool on site.

Nong Nooch tropical garden 800 baht
Garden of orchids, bromeliads, cacti, bamboos, palm trees, tropical flowers. Park in the style of French garden design. A copy of Stonehenge, a collection of cars. Elephant show, Thai folk show.

Temple of Truth 600 baht
A 105-meter teak Buddhist temple that has been under construction for over 30 years. You can't see him exactly the same twice. Every time craftsmen-builders add something new.

Temple complex Wat Yan 1000 baht
Mountain of the Golden Buddha. Temple of the Terracotta Warriors. Village of long-necked women and other tribes of the North. Karma purification ladder, Buddha's footprint, Wat Yan temple. If after lunch - meet the sunset on the beautiful Silver Lake.

Magic of the East and Funeral of Failures 1800 baht
Full day excursion around Pattaya. We will go through the rite of the Funeral of Failures, we will see the life of Thais away from tourist places, we will visit the Wat Yan temple complex, Silver Lake, Mount Khao Chi Chan, the village of the tribes of the North.

Animal Planet 1300 baht
The best tour for the whole family, it will appeal to children and adults, we will visit the mountain petting zoo and communicate with animals, Turtle Valley, stop at the Golden Buddha Mountain, ending the day at a sheep farm.

Discovery Tour Chonburi 1600 baht
Glass Sky Bridge, majestic Chonburi Grand Canyon, Beautiful Chinese Temple - new and old parts. Temple of Hell and Heaven, Khao Kheo Zoo. Dinner.

AT at Yan and Petting Zoo 1300 baht
Mountain of the Golden Buddha. Temple of the Terracotta Warriors. Karma purification ladder, Buddha's footprint, Wat Yan temple. Petting zoo (alpacas, white lion, capybaras, zebras, giraffes, antelopes, elephants). Cafe with airplanes “Station 331”.

Wat Yan and Funeral of Failures 1200 baht
The famous rite with coffins, mantras and the blessing of the monks. Mountain of the Golden Buddha. Temple of the Terracotta Warriors. Village of long-necked women and other tribes of the North. Karma purification ladder, Buddha's footprint, Wat Yan temple.

Instagram Tour Pattaya 1900 baht
The most beautiful and iconic places of the resort, as well as the Mirror and Golden Temples, the Attraction of Fortune ritual and the Avatar Valley! Thousands of likes are guaranteed!

Instagram Tour Chonburi 1400 baht
We explore the surroundings of Pattaya: the glass sky bridge with breathtaking views, the impressive Chonburi Grand Canyon, the new and old Chinese temple in Ang Sil, the temple-museum of Hell and Paradise, the contact safari park Khao Kheo.

Nong Nooch and Legend of Siam with marijuana museum 1100 baht
Garden of orchids, bromeliads, cacti, bamboo, palm trees, and tropical flowers. Park in the style of French garden design. A copy of Stonehenge, a collection of cars. Museum of marijuana, plantations of medicinal herbs, buy food and drinks from marijuana. Rides, Mae Nak's house of horror, boat rides.

Khao Kheo Zoo and Lemur Island 800 baht
The most complete tour of the open safari park Khao Kheo. We will visit all habitats and watch animal shows, we will visit Lemur Island.

Khao Kheo Zoo 750 baht
Here you can interact with animals. Giraffes, zebras, alpacas, capybaras, buffaloes, sheep and goats, tigers, lions, antelopes, elephants, gibbons, flamingos.

Crocodile farm 450 baht
Million Years Stone Park, Bonsai Garden. Ponds with hundreds of crocodiles, you can feed them, watch a crocodile show, order crocodile dishes.

Dolphinarium 900 baht
A well-staged show with bottlenose dolphins, led by experienced trainers from Europe. Here you can swim with dolphins (3500 baht).

Elephant ride 800/1200 baht
Elephant rides 30 minutes in the park near Pattaya. You can sit on an elephant alone and even with a child.

Pattaya Underwater World 650 baht
A 100-meter tunnel with the inhabitants of the Gulf of Thailand - sharks, rays, coral, and freshwater fauna. Admire the fauna of the Gulf of Thailand without wearing a wetsuit or scuba gear!

Monster Oceanarium 700 baht
Aquarium of unusual marine predators - a glass tunnel allows you to see the dangerous inhabitants of the seas and oceans at a short distance. Petting zoo, you can communicate with animals and birds, and feed the fish.

Mini Siam 450 baht
A park of miniatures with reduced copies of famous buildings and architectural monuments reduced many times over. You can take great photos here.

Pipo Pony Club 700 baht
Performance of the Mongolian group on horseback and fire show. Pony feeding, pony rides for children and horse riding for adults, a terrarium with snakes and lizards, and original photographic installations.

Diving From 2700 baht
Scuba diving off the islands of Koh Krok, Koh Lan or Koh Samesan under the guidance of an experienced trainer. Modern equipment, instruction in Russian, food, light drinks, and insurance. You can go as a passenger (transfer, food, light drinks, snorkel, mask), order an underwater photo shoot and video. Beginner: 2 dives 3600 baht, 1 dive 2700 baht. Passenger 1500 baht. Certified: 2 dives 3600 baht, with own equipment 3200 baht.

Flight of Tarzan From 2500 baht
This type of recreation is suitable for both adults and children. This is a family adventure that will not leave anyone indifferent. Only here you can ride in a “flying boat”, on a “flying bicycle”, fly on a bungee over the lake touching the water surface! 32, 36 and 68 platforms to choose from.

ATV safari 1500 baht
Travel in very easy-to-handle 4-wheel off-road vehicles. A brief briefing and ... a long adrenaline ride! We guarantee that you will get dirty from head to toe. Swimming in the lake, visiting the temple and the observation deck.

Flyboard From 2000 baht
A new sport and a unique type of extreme recreation available to everyone! A brutal adrenaline mix of snowboard, parachute, jet belt! With us, 99.9% of beginners fly after the first lesson. 10, 15 and 20 minutes flight.

Bungee jump 2800 baht
You will get a powerful adrenaline rush, Bungee Jumping in terms of sensations, many put higher than a parachute jump, to look at it even from the side is impressive, and the sensations during the jump are indescribable!

Skydiving 8350 baht
Long parachute jump from an airplane in tandem with an experienced instructor. No preliminary preparation is required, get an invaluable experience and an unforgettable experience!

Cambodia Angkor Wat 2 days/1 night 11500 baht
Transfer, accommodation in a 4 * hotel in the tourist area of ​​Siam Reap, there is a swimming pool. Excursion to Angkor Wat in Russian. Two lunches, one breakfast. Thailand travel insurance, Thaipass. Dinner and Apsara show 1200 baht.

Ritual Funeral of Failures 1000 baht
Proit the Buddhist ritual of the Funeral of Failures in Pattaya, with laying in coffins, ancient mantras and tying Sai Sin ropes on the hand.

Tattoo Sak Yant at Ajahn Kob in Ayutthaya 6500 baht
The price includes round-trip transfer, guide-translator, meeting with Adjan Kob. Sak Yant tattoos are paid separately.

Tattoo Sak Yant at Ajahn Dam in the Forest Temple 5000 baht
The price includes a round-trip transfer, escort of a guide-interpreter, and meeting with Ajahn Dam (black monk). Sak Yant tattoos are paid separately. From 800 baht in color, 500-1500 baht in oil. Tattoo hits with a machine.

Tattoo Sak Yant at Ajahn Sya in Pattaya 3500 baht
The price includes a round-trip transfer, escort of a guide-interpreter, and meeting with Ajahn Sya (tiger). Sak Yant tattoos are paid separately. From 1000 baht in color, from 500 baht in oil. Yanty hits with a steel needle.

Tattoo Sak Yant at Ajahn Chali in Pattaya 3500 baht
The price includes a round-trip transfer, escort of a guide-interpreter, and meeting with Ajahn Chali. Sak Yant tattoos are paid separately. From 400 to 100 baht. Yanty beats with a bamboo needle.

X-Show 69 Shocking Asia 1000 baht
From 18!!! Famous strip show with Thai models. You can't take pictures. The price includes a ticket and transfer in both directions.

Alcazar Cabaret Show 1000/900 baht
One of the best and oldest transvestite cabaret in Thailand. Stunning scenery, excellent sound and light, enchanting costumes, musical and dance numbers with a parody of famous hits. You can take pictures, shoot videos. Transfer 1 way. Ticket only minus 100 baht.

Tiffany Cabaret Show 1300/1700/2200 baht
Asia's first transvestite show. Professional production, modern music and lighting design, luxurious costumes. You can't take pictures. Check-out from the hotel 1 hour before the start of the show. The price includes a ticket and transfer in both directions. Only a ticket without a transfer is 100 baht cheaper.

Border run to Cambodia 3500 baht
Special offer for those who wish to extend their stay in Thailand for up to 45 days, or activate the next part of a multi-visa. Comfortable minibus, visa fee, lunch included.

Visa run to Laos From 9500 baht
Organized trip for tourist visa 60+30 to Laos. Included: hotel, meals, visa fee, all transfers and escorts. A printout of the balance of a personal account in a Thai bank is required, with a balance of at least 20,000 baht.

Golden Triangle 2 days From 12000 baht
Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Golden Triangle area - Mekong River, Laos and Burma. Everything is included except airfare. Start of the tour in Pattaya, Bangkok, Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai.

Golden Triangle 3 days Best From 16500 baht
Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Golden Triangle area - Mekong River, Laos and Burma. Doi Mai Salong. Everything is included except airfare. Start of the tour in Pattaya, Bangkok, Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai.

Golden Triangle 3 days
Doi Inthanon From 16500 baht Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Golden Triangle area - Mekong River, Laos and Burma. Doi Inthanon - climb to the highest mark in Thailand. Everything is included except airfare. Start of the tour in Pattaya, Bangkok, Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai.

Golden Triangle 4 days Max From 20500 baht
Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Golden Triangle area - Mekong River, Laos and Burma. Doi Mai Salong, Mae Hong Son. Everything is included except airfare. Start of the tour in Pattaya, Bangkok, Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai.
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